Monday, January 21, 2013

That "healthy glow"

Kind of "Sci Fi" don't you think?
The tanning salon
I have now finished one week of radiation therapy.  One down, five and a half to go.  It's kind of like a really high priced tanning salon.  You should see the healthy glow that I am sporting on my right side.  I think that I mentioned before that it was decided by the tumor board to give chemotherapy along with the radiation.  So, Monday morning I spent 6 hours getting chemotherapy and then a half hour getting radiation.  The chemotherapy agent chosen this time is cysplatin, the same one I had the first time around.  I am told that the dosage is less this time and they aren't giving me adriamycin at the same time so hopefully it will be less damaging.  Still, by Friday I wasn't feeling too great.  Saturday was worse and I went to bed early with a bowl by my side.  Sunday I seemed to feel better which was a blessing since I was supposed to teach at ward conference.  All in all, not fun but not as bad as last time.  The radiation makes me sleepy.  They say that will get worse as it goes along.  I'm also told that the oral side effects will worsen after the second week.  I guess it will cause mouth sores, trouble swallowing and sinus problems.  Oh well.
Life is great

Other than cancer drama, life is great.  Our little grand daughter just gets cuter every day.  She can now sit up on her own quite well for a little while.  She's also getting pretty good with her hands and moving things around.  It's great trying to get her to smile and giggle.  Peter is getting ready to go to the temple for the first time.  He had his final interview with the Stake President yesterday.  The Stake President told him "This is a great day for your parents".  Peter replied, "It's a great day for me!" and he is right.  He is counting down the days until he leaves for Barcelona on his mission.  Jarom continues to date a very nice young lady.  He brought her by for dinner yesterday and the whole family agrees that she is lovely.  Seth was just asked to come for another interview for medical school in Chicago.  The school is even paying his way this time, so all the better.  JoLynne is getting around better all the time on her healing legs.  It seems like her endurance is better and her pain is less.  Nobody has stolen our identity for weeks now and no pets have died so we are feeling pretty good about life.

People frequently tell me that we are in their prayers.  I just want you to know that we take that seriously and we are very grateful for your faith in our behalf.  I don't know how decisions are made in heaven but it can't hurt to have a lot of people pleading for you.  Thank you.


  1. This post makes me sad! So hard to see you like that Eric. What's this about stolen identity? Crazy!! Love you so much.

  2. It is kind of sci-fi looking but then you always were out-of-this-world (in the most outstanding way, of course)! I do hope things start to look up! You are in my prayers. Love and good thoughts. Nancy Dyer and family