Monday, April 1, 2013

A new day

Do you ever wake up and realize it's the weekend and just feel excited for all the things you can do and get done that day?  Sometimes I just lay in bed and think of what I am going to do, work in the garden, play with my kids, take my wife on a date, and on and on.  Just thinking about it makes me happy.  Then I jump out of bed and the day begins, a new adventure to experience.

A new day waits
In many ways that is how my life feels right now.  I feel like I have woken up from this "dream" of cancer with all that it involved.  I see my life looking forward not back and think of all the things I am excited to do and accomplish.  Just thinking about it makes me happy.  I have so many things running through my mind I don't know where to start.  Here is a list of words that I jotted down this morning trying to describe how I feel on this "new morning of my life"

  • Gratitude
  • Praise for God who looked down on me and helped me in my time of need
  • Wanting to live worthy, let my life reflect my gratitude
  • Humbled
  • Loved and cared for
  • Not alone
  • Time is precious
  • Life is fragile
  • Appreciate the moment
  • God’s touch is so gentle, almost imperceptible and yet so profound
  • Family members who have passed through the veil still care about me and are involved in my life
  • Gratitude for a wife who supports me in my trials
  • Thankful that the pain is gone
  • Grateful to run.  Good to have sore muscle pain instead of post surgical pain.
  • How can I give back, who can I help?
So, it's time to jump out of bed and get to work.  No time to spare, time to get going.  Somewhere in the back of mind is still the fear of "what if" the cancer comes back but the sun is shining and I just can't dwell there.  I have too much to get done.  It's going to be a beautiful day!


  1. What a lovely post!! I admire your fresh outlook on life that we ALL need to have. I love you Uncle Eric!!

    1. Thank you Candace. You are always so nice to me. It's no wonder I am so fond of you.

  2. This is wonderful. Grateful for doctors that know how to treat cancer and for God's rich blessings. I'm glad you are feeling so good!

    1. Thank you Christy. Thank you for being such a good friend and neighbor. I hope that your daughter is doing well. She is often the subject of our prayers.

  3. Love this post Eric. Love you too!

  4. I love you too Kelly. Thanks for being such an awesome sister.