Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Life is beautiful"

And I even got a certificate 
Yesterday was my last hyperbaric dive, 40 dives completed!  I am feeling pretty darn good.  I would guess that my pain is 80% resolved over where it was.  They tell me that I will continue to improve over time now that some circulation has been re-established.  My energy is significantly improved.  I used to wake up about four times a night to apply anesthetic to my mouth.  Now I am waking up just once.  It used to be that I would just lie on the couch waiting for the medicine to work.  The pain was terrible and I felt like a zombie.  Now I exercise while the medicine is kicking in.  It's kind of weird but, why not.  Last night I was up at 4:00 am to medicate and I ran up and down my stairs 30 times, did 30 push ups, 50 sit-ups, 25 dips and some pull ups and then jumped back in bed.  I think my kids downstairs think their father is crazy, they may be right.  The funny thing is how easy it is to fall asleep again when I get back in bed with JoLynne, maybe it's easy because I am exhausted from exercise.

"The mouth"
With better energy I was able to decorate for Halloween this year.  That hasn't happened in three years. We have a silly tradition where I construct a huge mouth on our front porch

.  To get to the door you have to walk into the mouth and across a big red foam tongue.  When I open the door the mouth snaps shut behind the trick or treaters.  The kids love it.  It's amazing what you can do with rope and pulleys. It was fun that I felt well enough to put it up this year.
Dumb comic I ran across

Anyway, I am grateful to feel so well.  My next scan is going to be December 10th.  We are praying that I continue cancer free.  Thank you for all of your faith and prayers in my behalf.  I truly believe it has made a difference.


  1. Haha, I forgot about the mouth!

    1. Thanks, Bro Vogel! Just read the update on the post after this one. What wonderful news!

  2. I never knew about the mouth - we would have walked over! Sounds so fun!!! We are happy that things are going so well. I also love the blonde joke. Happy post all the way around!

    1. Dental humor....probably I should get some therapy for that as well