Thursday, April 16, 2015

Twas the night before surgery......

View from our backyard
Me and Beautiful JoLynne 
Well, here we are in beautiful Florida waiting for surgery.  We met with Dr. Marx yesterday to talk about the surgical plan.  There has been an active discussion going on between my doctors in Provo, Houston and here.  My infectious disease doctor in Provo says that I have a psuedomonas infection in my wound adhering to the metal that was put there during the first surgery.  Psuedomonas is a nasty bacteria that is really good at evading antibiotics especially if there is metal present.  So, after some discussion it was decided that my reconstruction will be done in stages.  Stage one, tomorrow, will involve removing all of the dead and radiation damaged tissue and also debulking any tumor that they may find. and then using tissue from my tummy or thigh or both to close up the holes in my face, mouth and sinus.  At this point they are going to leave me without a right jaw bone while the infection heals up.  Honestly I believe that even without a jaw bone I will be a lot better off than I am right now.  My current joint doesn't work at all and most of my problems are from dead tissue and holes where there shouldn't be holes.  In 4-6 weeks they want me back in Houston for more T-cell therapy at a higher dose.  Then in a few months, I will come back to Miami for the jaw bone reconstruction.  At that point we may do it in titanium or perhaps grow a new jaw bone and do it with cloned bone tissue.  Dr. Marx is a pioneer in that field.

Enormous crocodiles
I don't know why, but after our visit yesterday I was just kind of discouraged and anxious.  Dr. Marx didn't tell me anything unexpected but still, that is how I felt.  Not too long after our visit our daughter Shanelle called up and talked for a while.  Cute little Vivian in the background was chiming in too.  She is so verbal for a two year old.  I can hear her in the background telling her mom "Mom, I'm constipated.  I don't want a suppository."  What two year old talks like that?  She makes me laugh.  Shanelle and Vivian are going to come to Florida about two weeks after my surgery.   I told Vivian that we might go see crocodiles.  She said, "Are they enormous crocodiles with secret plans and clever tricks?"  Her dad has been reading Roald Dahl to her and it shows.  After talking with them the shadow lifted and I felt good again.  I have a sweet, inspired daughter. (and a dang cute granddaughter)
Don't forget the ear.

I dreamt the other night that Dr. Marx forgot to re-attach my ear in the surgery.  When I woke up from anesthesia I noticed my missing ear and brought his attention to it.  He looked and shrugged saying, "Drats, I hate it when I forget those things.  Oh well, no big deal, we'll buy you a rubber one to wear.  Lots of people have those."  Dreams are so dumb but in my dream I kept wondering how I would keep my glasses on at work with only one ear.  I should have mentioned my dream to him during our consult yesterday but I just couldn't find the right time to bring it up.  I don't think he will forget my ear.  We had our consult in his office.  He has so many awards that it literally filled up all four wall from top to bottom.  He may have to retire soon, there is no more space on the walls.

In the meantime, thank you all for your prayers and faith.  JoLynne and I have come to depend on them.  Thank you.


  1. Last week I read an article about a person born with only one ear. They used a 3d printer to construct one that was a mirror image of the one he has and attached it. The person was elated. ... So not to worry

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