Tuesday, August 7, 2012

biopsy pending

Family at "Mecca" (Tillamook Cheese)

We are just home from our trip to the North West.  It was a wonderful trip.  So nice to have all of our children but one together and Grandpa as a bonus.  It was beautiful, sunny, cool and relaxing.  We also got to see Eileen and her husband Kelly.  Their home is lovely and Eileen seems so happy.  I still miss having her as an assistant in my office but seeing her so happy more than makes up for it.

Part way through the trip I was finally able to got my doctors from Mayo to talk to my doctor in Provo and agree on a biopsy.  It looks like it will be performed on this coming Thursday morning and I will get the results back on Tuesday afternoon.   A lot hinges on the results of that biopsy!

It's good to be busy so that I don't have too much time to think about things.  On Sunday the other counselor in the Stake Presidency was kindly asking me how I was doing and I said the first thing that popped in my mind, "I can't let tomorrows storm ruin todays sunshine"  I felt like those words were inspired and wiser than I am.  Everything will be okay, I am certain of that.  In the meantime I am very grateful for prayers offered in my behalf.
Behind every storm cloud the sun is waiting to shine forth


  1. Very beautifully said, dearest Uncle. Hugs & prayers your way!!

  2. Dr. Vogel one of the many things that I love about you is that when it rains...you go outside to hear the rolling thunder. YOU can totally do this thing!
    Jorgen, Sara, Matt and I will be praying for you...Lewis will send you smiles

  3. I have a quote chase for you: Open gospel library on your smart phone, then follow:
    *Book of Mormon Student Study Guide
    *Alma 32
    *scroll down 3 finger swipes until you get to What is the difference between Belief, Faith, and Knowledge?
    ...what a great example you are to me of someone who has confidence and conviction

  4. So glad to see this post today Eric. I dreamed about you all last night. You have been in my head and in my heart and in most every prayer around here. You are an inspiration. I am glad you had a good trip with your family.

  5. Dear Eric, you're in our family prayers. I want to live like that too, to not let tomorrow's storm ruin today's sunshine.

  6. Dr. Vogel, we just absolutely love you!! We're so sorry that another battle has possibly begun, but like others who love you, we are right there by your side!

    And being on your side, I feel like I should let you know of a documentary that has been very important to me. I'm not sure if you've seen it, but it's called "Forks Over Knives." In it, it shows how animal product consumption and cancer (and heart disease) are usually linked side by side. Animal product almost always accelerates cancer growth in those prone to cancer. It really reconfirms the Word of Wisdom about eating meat (and milk and cheese) sparingly.

    I don't know if in your situation it would make a difference, but if anything, it wouldn't hurt. "Forks Over Knives" is in Netflix Instant Viewing, or it can be rented. I just love you so much, I felt I should let you know about it.

    Our prayers and our children's prayers are with you.

    All our love,
    The Nathan Stocks Family =)
    (written by Kate)

  7. I love Tillamook, we get to watch the lady's cut the cheese.