Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well, just when you think you have enough on your plate......

Thursday Night JoLynne and I were returning some dishes to some very kind neighbors.  It was dark and JoLynne stepped in a small hole that she didn't see.  Down she went.  She didn't break the neighbors dishes but I wish I could say the same about her ankle.  She is no whimp when it comes to pain but this was really hurting her.  I looked at her left ankle and it was really weird looking.  The leg bone wasn't over the heel anymore, it was over her arch.   Lot's of swelling of course.  Her right ankle was really swollen as well.  We grabbed some ice and a blanket and called the ambulance.

In the ER they determined that she had sprained her right ankle and had a complex fracture of the left ankle.  She broke the distal part of the fibula and shattered the distal end of her tibia.   Pretty much we left her "without a leg to stand on".   (sorry for the bad humor)

The ER doctor manipulated her ankle back into it's right place but told us it would require surgery to put all the bone pieces together.    We spent all day Friday waiting for swelling to go down.  I accused her of being a "fallen woman' but she didn't think that was a very funny joke.

Surgery was this morning, (Saturday) and the surgeon just came out to tell me that everything went well and she should be out of recovery in about an hour.  We will see a therapist this afternoon.  If JoLynne can put weight on her right ankle then she can come home.  If she can't then they will make us send her to a rehab center for a while....Yargh

We are sure going to be grateful for our health when this is all over.

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  1. My mom told me about this yesterday. I can't believe it!!! I am glad the surgery went well. I hope JoLynne feels better soon and can return home! Thinking about you all the time and keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers