Sunday, March 8, 2015


Well, we finally have a surgical date to reconstruct my face.  It will be April 17th in Miami.  We had hoped it would be earlier but it turned out to be complicated to schedule the operating room and all the surgeons at the same time.  So, April 17th it is.

I am really doing pretty well these days.  I even have hair.  JoLynne told me the other day my hair was pretty so I guess I was having a good hair day.  That's a nice change from a no hair days which is what I usually have.  So far it is straight and maybe a little more gray.  I think I earned it.

Most of my struggles these days are with pain.  Most of the pain is in the lower area of my jaw where all the tissue is dying.  We sincerely hope that when they cut that all out my pain will begin to improve.

I have been trying really hard to gain weight.  They need to take skin from somewhere and it seems my tummy is the most promising spot.  The micro vascular surgeon left me with a strong injunction to "Gain weight"  He wants me to stretch out that tummy so that he has more skin to work with.  I have never really paid much attention to what I eat but now I am being forced to.  I'm trying really hard to get 4000 calories a day.  It's harder than you might think, especially when it is hard to chew and swallow.  We have found that Costco vanilla ice cream has 650 calories per cup.  I can melt that and pour it in my tube.  Sometimes when I really come up short I just dump straight olive oil in my tube.  That has a ton of calories and it keeps you so regular.  When this is all done I may write a diet book "The olive oil diet miracle."  Who knows, it might be a best seller.


  1. Thanks again for the update! We continue to pray continually for you, your family, and your doctors

  2. I've got some MREs. Chick full of calories!