Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm leaving on a jet plane

leaving on a jet plane
Tomorrow we will finally be headed back to Utah.   It feels like we have been gone so long.  Both JoLynne and I will be so grateful to be home.  We don't know how long we will be there.  That should be known in the next few days.  The immunotherapy team in Houston is reviewing the pathology done here in Miami and comparing what they did in Houston to try and decide our next step.  The surgeons here are adamant that we proceed towards treatment as soon as possible so my guess is that our stay in Utah won't be near as long as we would like.

Yesterday I had my weekly doctors visit.  They wanted to see a post surgical CT scan of the area so we went over to radiology.  The nurse was a funny lady, kind of a little off.  As she was taking me back JoLynne whispered to me, "Speak up if she messes up."  Anyway, on the way back she commented on how white the skin was on the side of my face.  I told her is was a graft.  She said, "Where did they get such white skin?  Was it from your butt?"  That still makes me laugh thinking about it.  I told her it was from my leg. I had to show her the scar to prove it.


  1. What a funny comment! Gotta love the small comic reliefs in all this, I suppose. Much love to you both - so glad you're coming home!!

  2. I guess they forgot to tell you to go tanning before your graft!
    So glad you get to be home! And mostly glad you are fighting and beating this cancer! Your our hero!

    1. There is always spray on tans. JoLynne has already threatened that. They tell me that I have to protect the graft from almost all sunshine for 2 years. Thats a long time.