Wednesday, July 8, 2015

48 hours

Well the last 48 hours have been "interesting".  After five days of chemotherapy the stage was set. Monday morning they brought me in and pumped me full of fluids then brought in what we hope will be 25 ml of miracle. It was an unusual experience for me. As they prepared to inject the T cells I had a strange surreal feeling come over me. The room suddenly become much brighter. Time seemed like it slowed down or something. And I had a distinct impression that there were things going on in that room that were not readily apparent to my eyes.   Anyway the moment passed and everything went back to normal but it was strange in a good way.  They kept me around for another four hours to guard against severe reactions then they let us go home. Boy was I ever tired after that. I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open.

My right sinus has always been a little congested since my surgery. They tell me that it is partly due to the residual tumor in my right sphenoid sinus that they couldn't  remove. Dr Gottschalk had warned me before hand that any remaining tumor would likely swell when attacked by the T cells. Within six hours of the infusion my right sinus was completely blocked off. I can't move any air through that nostril no matter how hard I push.   It's annoying but not too bad. At least I can still breath through my left nostril.

As you know, I have also had visual problems with my right eye. I have issues with motor control and at times with visual clarity. When I woke up Tuesday morning and lifted my right eyelid I had lost all vision in my right eye. It was pitch black. That was a little spooky. This is probably also due to swelling. Within a few hours the image in my right eye began to come back. It is dim but it's there. Other than that I have just felt like I have a real whopper of a flu. aches, pains, throwing up, sleeping around the clock, no appetite.

So today we went back in and had some more fluid pumped in and I am actually feeling quite a bit better. Since I am only patient number two I don't think that they really know what to expect but the symptoms associated with swelling where we know that there is tumor seem encouraging to both Dr Gottschalk and to us. We are full of hope and prayers that this will finally be the way that God brings a miracle. We have been so grateful for your faith in our behalf as well. I know that sincere prayers are heard personally by our Heavenly Father. He loves his children. Of that I have no doubt.


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  2. So that last weird spam message should be easy for me to follow... I'm SO proud of the progress the doctors and you have made, Uncle Eric!! I love you and I'm rooting for you (along w/ the rest of my family) here in Utah. Keep the faith - we are!

  3. You are in my prayers every night! Adam prays for you, too, all on his own. He turned six today. I hope you know how much you mean to us and the love we have for you and your family! And we'll keep praying...

  4. It truly is the day of miracles! Kelly and I pray every night for you! We believe in miracles and know you are going to be cured!