Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence day.

So, JoLynne and I are back in Houston.  Today I finished my fifth day of chemotherapy and was discharged from the hospital.  The objective was to deplete my immune system so that tomorrow, when they implant the new genetically enhanced immune system, there will be room for them to grow.  Chemotherapy is not fun.  It makes me tired and nauseated and this time it has given me a lot of headaches.  But, if it accomplishes what they want then I am glad to suffer in order to gain the final desired result.

Tomorrow is a big day.  The actual infusion really only takes a short time.  From last time I remember that the injected cells had a golden color to them.  Oh and they smell like some weird fruit.  This dose will be much higher than what I was given last time.  In January when they did this they were still trying to determine how much could be safely given.  I was only the second patient so the dose I was given was very small.  The result of that and other experiments has shown that the maximum dose had no safety concerns.  So, this time I start at maximum dose.  I like that.  In addition, assuming that my tumor shrinks or even doesn't grow, they will give me another high dose every six weeks for six more times.  I like that too.  Last time when I was in this study my blood supply to the right side of my face was seriously damaged.  Many of the major blood vessels had been destroyed by radiation.  That makes it harder for the T cells to get where they are supposed to go.  Part of my reconstruction in Miami involved rebuilding the blood supply to my face.  Lots of fancy plumbing work.  I think that should also work in my favor.  But, mostly we are relying on the hand of God to direct the affairs of my health.  Only He knows ultimately what the outcome will be and when I am cured, I will gladly give the credit to Him.  He is in charge and for that I am eternally grateful.  We are ready to celebrate "Independence from cancer" day.


  1. We also have so much faith in our Heavenly Father to cure you and help you through this process. We love you!!

  2. We were so glad to read your post! We have been anxiously been checking daily to see how things are going for you. So glad you are back down there and part of the program again! We are so sorry you are having to go through so much. We also know our Savior is aware of you and there to help you every step of the journey! Love you and Jolynne! P & R

  3. Thank you for the update. You're on our minds and hearts. I enjoyed doing fast offerings with Adam last Sunday. Elizabeth was also a help on a young women's issue.