Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Where no man has gone before"

Well, today we leave for Houston.  It's hard to leave our children but we are grateful and our older son Jarom and his wife Natalie are willing to come and stay with them.  Still, we will miss them.

"Where no man has gone before"
On the other hand, we are full of hope that this treatment will finally bring us the answers that we have prayed for these last three years.  Conventional cancer treatments have simply proved ineffective.  But, they did save my life this long so I am not complaining.  The research that they are doing in Baylor simply wasn't available 3 years ago.

I don't know why my journey has been so convoluted.  Honestly we expected to be cured the first time around.  We had faith.  I don't always understand God's ways.  I guess that is why they call it faith.  Even though I don't understand I still trust Him.

Sometimes we are all so quick to judge our lives with the perspective of a moment.  I think that God sees a bigger picture.  I have a story that I heard once that I really like.  Here it is:

One day in late summer, an old farmer was working in his field with his old sick horse. The farmer felt compassion for the horse and desired to lift its burden. So he left his horse loose to go the mountains and live out the rest of its life.Soon after, neighbors from the nearby village visited, offering their condolences and said, "What a shame.  Now your only horse is gone.  How unfortunate you are!. You must be very sad. How will you live, work the land, and prosper?" The farmer replied: "Who knows? We shall see".Two days later the old horse came back now rejuvenated after meandering in the mountainsides while eating the wild grasses. He came back with twelve new younger and healthy horses which followed the old horse into the corral. Word got out in the village of the old farmer's good fortune and it wasn't long before people stopped by to congratulate the farmer on his good luck.  "How fortunate you are!" they exclaimed. You must be very happy!"  Again, the farmer softly said, "Who knows? We shall see."At daybreak on the next morning, the farmer's only son set off to attempt to train the new wild horses, but the farmer's son was thrown to the ground and broke his leg.  One by one villagers arrived during the day to bemoan the farmer's latest misfortune.  "Oh, what a tragedy!  Your son won't be able to help you farm with a broken leg. You'll have to do all the work yourself, How will you survive? You must be very sad".  they said.  Calmly going about his usual business the farmer answered, "Who knows? We shall see"Several days later a war broke out. The Emperor's men arrived in the village demanding that young men come with them to be conscripted into the Emperor's army.  As it happened the farmer's son was deemed unfit because of his broken leg.  "What very good fortune you have!!" the villagers exclaimed as their own young sons were marched away. "You must be very happy." "Who knows? We shall see!", replied the old farmer as he headed off to work his field alone.As time went on the broken leg healed but the son was left with a slight limp. Again the neighbors came to pay their condolences. "Oh what bad luck. Too bad for you"!  But the old farmer simply replied; "Who knows? We shall see."As it turned out the other young village boys had died in the war and the old farmer and his son were the only able bodied men capable of working the village lands. The old farmer became wealthy and was very generous to the villagers. They said: "Oh how fortunate we are, you must be very happy", to which the old farmer replied, "Who knows? We shall see!" 

I will try to keep this blog updated as we progress through treatment.  Thank you again for your prayers, your faith and your friendship.  They mean the world to us.


  1. We're excited for this new treatment for you. Who knows? We'll see. :-)

  2. When my Dad passed away, my uncle Scott said something about faith I really liked, he said, "faith is accepting things we don't understand." I don't know why my Dad was taken so young, but I can accept it, just like I don't know why you are having to go through so much, we can accept it and learn from it. Another great quote I got after my Dad's passing was, "Sometimes the things we ask God to change are the the very thing God is using to change us." We love you guys so much, and are praying for your cure! You have always been a dear uncle to me. Thank you for all your love and support, and your example you've been to me my whole life! Love you!