Sunday, October 9, 2011

"To infinity and beyond"

Not much medical news today. We had the day off from that kind of stuff. JoLynne and I took advantage of ourtime and drove up to the Temple. We were a little late for the endowment session so we did sealings instead. It was wonderful. As I knelt at the alter and looked at our reflection stretching out forever I thought "You know, each image in the mirrors is like a panel in my life. My present problem seems enormous right now but with time it will just be another panel in a long life leading me back to my Heavenly Father." It was grateful to be able to step back for a moment and see things in better perspective. I also liked the fact that as far as I could see, JoLynne and I were together in all the reflections. I feel pretty blessed.

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  1. We have been following your blog and we are praying for the very best outcome. We mentioned you to our son Peter in our Sunday phone call and he said that a counselor in his stake presidency at the University of Michigan does the kind of surgery you are considering using the fibula to reconstruct the jaw. You might want to talk to him to get more insights about the procedure. His name is Brent Ward and his email is Here is his profile from the University of Michigan Health Center website:

    Best wishes!
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